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DAN Oxygen Instructor Courses

DAN Oxygen First Aid LogoInstructor Module 1 -- Dan Oxygen Instructor

This includes all of the components necessary to enable the successful participant to teach the 4-hour DAN Oxygen Provider Module. It is compatible with the DAN America and DAN Europe Oxygen Instructor Courses and is presented at Aquanauts by DAN Asia-Pacific Instructor-Trainer Roger M. Smith.

Topics covered include recognition of a diving injury; benefits of oxygen provision; handling and storage of oxygen; oxygen delivery systems; teaching the use of the DAN Oxygen Unit; legal issues; and course preparation, standards and procedures.

A person who successfully completes Instructor Module 1 becomes a Level 1 DAN Oxygen Instructor. As previously mentioned, a Level 1 Instructor can conduct the DAN Oxygen Provider Module but cannot teach the DAN Resuscitation Module.

Instructor Module 2 -- Resuscitation and Diving Medicine

DAN Advanced Oxygen LogoComing Soon! -- This module, which is presented by both a DAN Asia-Pacific Instructor-Trainer and a Diving Medical Specialist (often with anaesthetic experience), includes advanced physiology, resuscitation theory and practice, injury recognition and management for diving and certain non-diving illnesses and hands-on practice with a variety of oxygen delivery systems.

A person who successfully completes both Instructor Modules becomes a Level 2 DAN Oxygen Instructor. A Level 2 Instructor is sanctioned to teach both the Oxygen Provider and Resuscitation Modules to the diving community, and beyond. In other words, they are a DAN Oxygen Instructor as well as a DAN Asia-Pacific CPR Instructor.

Although DAN Asia-Pacific believes that DAN-style units fulfill the needs of most divers and dive professionals, it has developed Extension Modules to train people in the use of more advanced oxygen equipment for those who have a specific need or desire for such training. Extension Modules include MTV-100, BVM and Closed Circuit Oxygen Resuscitator training.

By attending an appropriate extension program, which vary from 4-6 hours in length (in addition to the initial provider training), Oxygen Instructors can gain an endorsement to teach such devices, if desired.


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