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Wreck Capital

As of October 2012 Pattaya has four wrecks available in the nearby area, making it even more the “Wreck Diving Capital”, as which it is already known.
Below you can find short descriptions of the wrecks, if you would like the full details continue to the designated pages of the wrecks

Harddeep / SS. Suddhahib
Once considered a “mystery shipwreck”, The S.S. Suddhadib – better known to divers today as The Hardeep – has become not only the Pattaya area’s most-storied dive sites, but one of the best-documented as well.
The Hardeep was sunk June 1, 1945 off Koh Chuang in Samae San, a 50 minutes drive from Pattaya, by a British Royal Air Force Squadron of Australian, Canadian and British pilots.
The ship lays on it’s starboard side with a maximum depth of 26m, and the top of the wreck at 16m. Two 1,000 lb. unexploded bombs lay nearby.

HTMS Khram
The former American landing ship medium (USS LSM-469) was sunk in February 2003 to mark HRH Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn’s 50th birthday. The intent was to turn the dilapidated ship the Royal Thai Navy had used since 1962 into a thriving artificial reef that would attract both fish and tourists.
The wreck is located at the Far Islands just off koh Pai.
The 60-meter-long Khram sits in about 27m of water in the upright “sailing” position. The top was at about 15m, but as the ship ages, weaker parts of the exterior have collapsed.

Out of Wreck

Out of Wreck (Click to Enlarge)

Sister ship to the HTMS Khram. The Kood (spelled the same as Koh Kood, the island near Trat after which it was named) was sunk in 2006 and dropped in slightly deeper waters than the Far Islands wreck.
The Kood’s real draw, however, is it’s location. Scuttled about 340 m. off the northeast tip of Koh Sak, one of Pattaya’s Near Islands, the wreck is just 45 minutes from Pattaya’s Bali Hai Pier.
It’s bottom rests on the sand in about 31.5m with the deck at 26m and the top of the cunning tower at 12m.
Thus the bulk of the vessel will only be accessible to those with an Adventure or greater certification.

HTMS Pethra
the latest wreck in Pattaya, sunk on 20 October 2012, is a small landing ship. She is sunk just off shore of Hat Nuan at Koh Larn, around a 50 minute boat ride of Pattaya’s Bali Hai Pier.
She lays in approximately 20 meters of water so making the top of the ship also accessable to Open Water Divers.
(more details will be available after diving her several times)

This is only a short introduction. For extensive details and photos of Pattaya’s four wrecks, see these pages:

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