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Exploring the HTMS Khram

HTMS KhramSunk in February 2003 to mark the crown price of Thailand's 50th birthday, the HTMS Khram has since become a gift to divers in the Gulf of Thailand. Learn more about this great dive site and see photos before and after its sinking. More...

The Gulf of Thailand's 'Hidden' Wrecks

When it comes to wreck diving in the Gulf of Thailand, two ships usually come to mind: the HTMS Khram, off Koh Phai, and the Hardeep, off Samae San. What most divers don’t realize, however, is that the Gulf of Thailand has a number of other wrecks waiting to be explored.

Diving Thailand's Underwater Caves

Explore Caves with AquanautsWhile Pattaya offers divers of all skill levels a great selection of dive sites, those looking for a bigger challenge may want to look north to Thailand’s inland lakes which are dotted with underwater caves just waiting to be explored.

Into the 'Twilight Zone'

Divers in the Twilight ZonePreviously surveyed only by manned submersibles, the “twilight zone” depths of the Southeast Asia’s Sulu-Sulawesi Seas finally were explored earlier this year by a team of technical divers, including Aquanauts Dive Centre’s Bruce Konefe. Read Bruce's Dive Journal on this historic expedition to this global center of marine biodiversity. More...

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