PADI Rescue Diver Online eLearning Now Available

PADI today launched the last of its core recreational courses online, adding Rescue Diver to its menu of eLearning courses nearly three years after the Internet-training program began.

Start Your Course NOW via eLearning

Start your course NOW via Aquanauts eLearning!

Aquanauts has eagerly been waiting for the online version of Rescue Diver and it is already specialty courses and two other independent study courses.

But PADI obviously wanted to take its time to make sure it gets this important course right. Now, with thousands of people having gone through the eLearning system, PADI has gained the experience to make sure that vital, life-saving rescue techniques translate just as well over the Internet as they do in the Aquanauts classroom.

Rescue Diver PADI Course Thailand online elearning aquanauts  pattaya

You'll complete your course with an Aquanauts instructor in Thailand.

Take Your Time

With Rescue Diver Online, you’ll watch the full PADI Rescue Diver video through your web browser, stopping after each unit to complete Knowledge Reviews that are automatically graded and saved. At the end of these, you’ll take the Rescue Diver final exam. The entire program should take between five and six hours for most people to complete.

For those looking to complete their Rescue Diver course while on holiday in Thailand, this is a huge advantage. Why “waste” a day of your Pattaya vacation sitting in a classroom? By going the eLearning route, you get to jump right in the water once you get here!

You’ll need two days here in Thailand to complete the water-based skills training and you’ll take a short quiz to review what you did online. The launch price for this segment is 9,000 Thai baht, but you can check current prices here.

Note that Rescue Diver carries a pre-requisite that you have first-aid and CPR training. Most people take the PADI Emergency First Response course, which certifies you in both for two years. If you don’t have an EFR card or a certification from another first-aid/CPR course, you’ll also have to take EFR here, which will require one more day.

Faster and Less Expensive

There’s one other great thing about the new Rescue Diver eLearning course: It’s cheaper! You’ll pay PADI a U.S. $120 fee for online training and lifetime access to the Rescue Diver Online manual. Then you’ll pay Aquanauts approximately $280 (at August 2010 exchange rates) to complete your training. Compare that with paying $450 total for the full course in person and paper manual. You save $50!

Cost, of course, isn’t the main factor in deciding to become a PADI Rescue Diver, however. The course finally shows that you not only know how to take care of yourself in the water, but can take care of others. And when it comes to Rescue training, Aquanauts is a great place to do your training. As a busy Career Development Center, we prepare new PADI instructors every month, constantly pushing them to prove their rescue skills.

You may not plan on becoming a divemaster or instructor, but you can benefit from our experience when doing your Rescue Diver training.

Ready to take the plunge? Check out a Rescue Diver video and more information here then visit our eLearning page to get started.

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