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SEARCH, RESCUE, RECOVER: PERT Professional Emergency Response Training at Aquanauts

Go Beyond Rescue: Professional Emergency Response Training

Turn your love of diving into a truly rewarding career by becoming an Emergency Response Diver. Whether jumping out of helicopters to rescue the crew of a sinking vessel, freeing trapped cavern divers or recovering key police evidence, public safety divers enjoy excitement and challenges few recreational divers ever see.

Now you can train for a fulfilling career as a public safety diver at Aquanauts through the Professional Emergency Response Training organization. Aquanauts is the exclusive PERT private-sector training center for all of Asia. Our courses train you to search, rescue and recover in the most hostile dive environments imaginable. Read more...

Emergency Response Diver Course

Search, Rescue, Recover: Emergency Response Diver Pushes You & Your Skills to the Maximum

Support 4.5kg above the water line for 1 minute is just one of the drills in PERT 1When you have a bad dive on your tropical island holiday, you simply call it a day and try again tomorrow. If a professional rescue diver has a bad day, someone dies.

That's why when you enroll in the Emergency Response Diver course at Aquanauts, we'll push you you to the breaking point. Tied up, low on air.... More stress test training.The course is long, demanding and exhausting and is definitely not for everyone. But if you have the desire to save lives and solve crime, then you'll find Aquanauts PERT Training invaluable.

Even if you don't plan to go into the Public Safety field, you'll find the Emergency Response Diver course incredibly satisfying. When you graduate, you'll know you've got the best rescue and underwater survival skills possible. Read more...

About Emergency Response Diving

What Sets Emergency Response Diving Apart from Regular Recreational Diving?

Green sludge is hardlya  ideal dive site, but it's what you have to do as an ERDFor most divers, PADI’s Rescue Diver course is where they learn the basics of self-sufficiency and buddy assistance. While the course offers a sold foundation, it's hardly adequate for the professional emergency response diver.

Public Safety Diver frees victim from iceAs a public safety diver, your dive environment is likely to be found in rapid moving, dirty or deep water, and other places the normal recreational diver would never venture. Such environments usually also harbor a host of conditions that make search, rescue and recovery even more difficult. Read more...



PERT Prerequisite Courses

Before you can enroll in the full PERT Diver course, you'll need to take these prerequisite courses:

Encapsulated Diver

PERT Encapsulated DiverBe dive-ready for any environment with PERT Encapsulated Diver. It integrates two previously separate courses – Dry Suit and Full-Face Mask w/Surface Communications – to provide a student training that’s as close to real-world conditions as possible.

Self-Sufficiency Diver

PERT Self-Sufficiency DiverPublic safety divers don't always have the luxury of a dive buddy. The PERT Self-Sufficiency Diver course is designed to train divers in the benefits, hazards, and proper procedures for diving without a buddy.

Low Visibility & Black Water Search Diver

PERT Low Visibility and Black Water Search DiverProfessional rescue divers work at night, in swift currents, churned up seas and zero visibility. This PERT courses teaches you the techniques you'll need when the bell sounds.