Thailand Waives Visa Fees for 3 Months

If you’ve already booked your Aquanauts Dive Career Development Center internship but haven’t gotten your visa yet — or you’re considering an internship — the Thai government has given you a gift: a free visa!

As part of its package of measures to revive tourism after last year’s disasterous airport takeover (and the continuing effects of the worldwide recession), the Cabinet on Tuesday approved a measure to offer free tourist and non-immigrant visas for the next three months.

“We hope this will be one of many measures that will boost the tourism industry in Thailand amid the global slowdown and following the political crisis,” said Juthaporn Rerngronasa, deputy governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Residents of many neighboring and Western countries already enjoy visa-free entry privileges for short visits, but those planning longer stays must obtain visas in advance for a fee of at least $30 per entry.Earlier this week, Thailand’s new government allocated 1 billion baht ($28.6 million) of its 115-billion-baht ($3.3 billion) fiscal stimulus package to rejuvenate the tourism industry, which accounts for about 5 percent of the country’s economy.

Aquanauts interns generally obtain 1-year non-immigrant education visas. Fees for these are US$150 or GBP 105. If you apply in the next three months, these will be free.

If you have not yet booked an internship, you can enroll for just 40% down and we’ll forward you the documents you need now to get your free visa.

As an added bonus, airlines are lowering fares to Thailand. Most notable among the fare cuts is Thai Airways International which yesterday announced fare cuts of up to 55%. At the same time, the government is cutting taxes and landing fees for airlines, which should also lead to lower rates.

There’s never been a better time to visit Thailand and no better place to choose than Aquanauts CDC.

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